Ellena considers it a great blessing to have received so many testimonials about her devotion to her book, teaching and consulting practice.  Here are just a few:

"As a curious and open person, I have had many readings of all kinds. Beyond the fascination of “seeing what the future holds," my true intention is always to seek a life direction that feels authentic to me, be affirmed in my life choices and/or uncover my life's purpose and mission. My reading with Ellena was the most important, powerful and timely reading I have ever had. The most essential aspects of the reading were the clarity that Ellena is able to access and impart along with her ability to do so with compassion and gentleness. I left our conversation feeling inspired and empowered with a clear pathway to a purposeful, Divinely guided life.  Thank you, Ellena! You are truly a blessing. With profound gratitude, Sandye Brown"

Sandye Brown, MCC, BCC, Wide Awake, Inc., www.wideawakeinc.com
Vancouver, WA

Ellena was fabulous as always.  Information comes through that simply blows me away.  This is an incredible gift to humankind that she teaches-and teaches in a way that is so loving and so easy to learn from.  Her readings of my Akashic Records have literally changed my life and put me on a path of spirituality and self-knowledge that is the most important in my life.
The readings through her have put me in an important path that I may not have known about, except for her help.

We love you, Ellena, and thank you for all the work you do-and the way you impact lives.
Love & Peace, 
Michael Wittenbrink, M.A  www.Powerpath.org

"Ellena Lynn Lierberman is an EXTRAORDINARY teacher and facilitator of the
Akashic Records, the records of each person's soul journey through
lifetimes. In my experience, I have never encountered anyone with so
much access to spiritual truth and insight. Ellena gives readings in
...person or over the phone. Ellena was a guest on my radio show, and I have today received an Akashic Record consultation and reading that was nothing less than profound and life transforming. A MUST experience!  Ellena is completely non-judgemental and unconditionally loving and accepting as to your life issues"...

Mike Schwager also wrote these Testimonials in 2014
"I can testify to Ellena's special gift in accessing the soul records of another's journey; and that she is giving workshops helping people do the same for themselves is something no less than wonderful and extraordinary. This lady is no less than a gift from God!" 
Mike also wrote: "Ellena is a very talented spiritual teacher and facilitator who has the very special gift of accessing the Akashic Records - the record of the soul's journey from incarnation to incarnation and in other dimensions. Having had a reading now twice from Ellena I do believe she accesses these records with accuracy and great sensitivity - an amazing talent. And the energy guiding this gift has a feeling of goodness and Divine care."

Mike Schwager is a speech writer, publicist, and media interview coach.
His PR websites are:  www.mediamavens.com, and www.TVtraining.tv.
Mike is also a writer on spiritual and humanitarian topics; and editor of a spiritual blog, at:  www.EnrichOurWorld.net. And he hosts a Sunday Internet radio show called "The Enrichment Hour"
which deals with spiritual, humanitarian, human potential and animal advocacy topics.  
The show airs on www.WSRadio.com - and can also be heard via Sedona Talk Radio at:
His Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/mike.schwager.56
Mike can be reached via e-mail at:  moschwager@aol.com

At the beginning of February, 2011, I received one of the greatest testimonials of my 21 years of working in the Akashic Records.  Thanks to the internationally best selling author, Marci Shimoff, I am included in her newest New York Times best seller, Love For No Reason, as one of the "Love Luminaries." Through her grace and love, she praised her consultation and included my book and work.  Because of her, a client from 21 years ago was able to find me by reading Marci's book! As unbelievable as it seems, when you read this testimonial by Sparkie Lovejoy, you will see how inexplicably lives and destinies are intertwined long before the enactments occur in physical life. Here are the words of Sparkie Lovejoy:

"I received an Akashic Records reading from Ellena in the early 1990's. 

I was in my 20's. I had a rough up bringing; I had quit drinking, joined a 12 step program and began living a better life.

"My aunt suggested I see Ellena. Ellena told me she saw me standing in front of large groups of people and that sparks were coming out of my heart and igniting each person in the audience. I thought, “How amazing would that be???”… But me? Who am I? I highly doubted it. She also told me I wouldn't be doing my big work until I was 60. I went on with my life trying to find my calling. I went from job to job as I felt guided, but never felt like I had arrived at my WORK. There were no signs that Ellena's vision was going to come true. In 2004, I decided to join Toastmasters to improve my communication skills, just in case what she said would come to be. Now, in 2011, I have just begun speaking to people about the healing power of love and laughter, helping them have more of it in their lives. Here it is. The vision has come to pass.

In 2005, my 1yr old son and I almost drowned. We were at our little lake in Santa Rosa, CA, called Spring Lake. My baby son fell off the pier! I waited for him to turn around and come to the surface. He didn't. I watched his feet disappear. I frantically jumped in to save him thinking it was probably 5 ft deep. I caught him by the ankle, luckily, turned him around and began pushing him up to the surface of the water. As I was trying to lift my son out of the water, I seemed to be sinking deeper. I couldn't touch the bottom. I was in way over my head. I had my arms stretched up over my head (I'm 7 1/2 feet when I stretch my arms out). I was running out of breath. I was sure my son must be breathing in water by now because I was about to. I just couldn't get us up out of the water. I accepted defeat. I thought, "God, Are we really going to die like this?" After a pause, the thought occurred to me, "It can't be. I'm not even going to be doing my big work until I'm 60, according to Ellena, and I'm only 40." As soon as I thought that, the weight of my son was lifted off of me and I swam up to the surface, gasping for air. A teenager had found us, pulled my son out of the water which allowed me to rise up and breathe. 

The vision I received from Ellena gave me hope through hard times in my life when I felt lost and wondered why I was on this planet. It gave me a sense of purpose; maybe there is a God who has a plan for me and my life. No matter how bad my current situation was, I had hope that good, big work was ahead for me, so I kept plodding on in this life. I seriously hoped she was right. 20 years later, the image she shared with me is finally manifesting itself. I bought the book and training program of Marci Shimoff, Love For No Reason. I finished reading the book and looked through the resources in the back and saw Ellena's name listed there. I thought back to my reading with her from 20 years before and gave silent thanks that it was manifesting now.

Thank you Ellena for the work you do. The hope I got from that reading gave me a reason to live when I didn't have one. I wish others this same gift of knowledge of soul purpose. I finally got clear that my purpose is Love and Joy. Ellena knew it years before it was revealed to me. I am blessed by experiencing Ellena's gift."

...Sparkie Lovejoy, Inspirational Speaker, Laughter Yoga Instructor and Healer, Oregon

"Thank you for the wonderful Akashic Records reading.  I am feeling so great from the reading-It was accurate,insightful and profound.  I've already told four people about your consultations, and they will be calling you soon for appointments.  I'm grateful for your beautiful heart and work."...Marci Shimoff, author, #1 New York Times Best Seller,  Happy For No Reason, Love For No Reason, and Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

"Thank you for the wonderful reading - I was totally blown away. 
I totally resonated with everything that you said. As a matter of 
fact, I would say it was the very best reading I have had to date."
Janet Attwood, author, New York Times Best Seller, The Passion Test, www.thepassiontest.com

"I have had readings from some of the most renowned  astrologers, psychics and readers of every sort throughout the world and truthfully, your Akashic Records reading was the most profound.  You are amazing. The accuracy was almost beyond comprehension to my limited human brain.  I cannot thank you enough." ... Debra Poneman, best-selling co-author with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen,
Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul
Founder and President, Yes to Success, Inc. www.YesToSuccess.com.

"Thank you for your wonderful presence and contribution.Thank you for all your loving support and wisdom in guiding me to this work.  The purity and truth of your own relationship with God and with this work inspires me.  It is what compelled me to come and learn from you.
Since our class, I have been accessing my records nearly everyday and I have made profound discoveries.  It has been one of the greatest tools for self discovery and spiritual alignment I have found.  I love the forgiveness prayers and use them often.
I cannot thank you enough for your commitment to teaching and living this path.  It was such an honor to work with you."
Vonetta Encarnacao, designer, Tarzana, California

“I am familiar with Ellena's work as a master teacher and reader of the Akashic Records for 20+ years. I have watched her dedication and expertise grow phenomenally and now she has written a most beautiful book - "The Principles of Dynamic Manifestations As Received Through the Akashic Records." What a magnificent book! Ellena imparts an understanding of manifestation that should be read by all. I must add that Ellena is an accomplished and talented operatic singer who performs throughout the United States. What a gifted woman!”
"I had the honor of interviewing this author recently and was so impressed with the powerful message Lieberman expresses so eloquently. She stresses the importance of viewing abundance as something we want to strive for in all positive areas of our lives....not just financial. Her processes make it possible - and feasible - for all to manifest our desires. This book is different from others on similar topic - a must read!"
...Karen Ross, CustomInterviews.com, Chicago

"This is a book that can change your life. Many believe that we are currently in the midst of a major cultural sea change as old values that have ruled for millenniums decline and new values emerge. We need resources to help us become empowered to move through these challenging times. This deeply spiritual book can help you navigate through these massive changes and set you on the course to achieving abundance in all facets of your life. 

The powerful principles, processes and energetic exercises outlined in this book provide a roadmap to leading your down a path of harmony and fulfillment. 
Ms Lieberman teaches that wealth in an internal process, not something to seek outside yourself. When you clear out old inhibiting patterns, you can delve into the spiritual core of your soul and connect with your Source. Here you find the grace to draw abundance into your life. Through her mastery of working with the Akashic Records for others and her own inner exploration, the author reveals great teachings interwoven with stories from her own life experience and work with clients. While the teachings are not a new concept, the author approaches them from a deeper soul-oriented place. 
The results for me after working with just a few of the processes, is more inner strength and clarity - as well as business opportunities and financial abundance from unexpected sources. 
Beautifully and eloquently written, this is a powerful guide for individuals. It is even more powerful when integrated with a witness in one-on-one coaching, study groups or with a professional facilitator. More and more it is becoming clear that we need deep connections to help us to feel happier and advance more harmoniously on our life journey."...
Jacqui Neurauter, President Harmonious Pathways Inc, Chicago,

 “I have known Ellena for over 20 years. In every one of her endeavors she has displayed enormous artistic creativity and integrity. Wherever she places her energy and focus, beauty and joy emerge. As an entertainer, she is a joy to behold. To her consulting, counseling and teaching she  brings a loving mastery of intuitive spirit. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to manifest a richer more fulfilling life, or experience the thrill, joy and beauty of her masterful performances.” ...
Jacqui Neurauter, President Harmonious Pathways Inc, Chicagowww.HarmoniousPathways.com.

“I have had many deep and profound experiences during my consultations with Ellena.  She possesses the unique gift of speaking directly to the soul by opening to and becoming an instrument of the wisdom of the Akashic Records.  Her work will accelerate the evolution of consciousness.”…Arya Maloney, Integral Therapist, author, 
Alchemy of the Soul, New York

"I just saw EIlena Lieberman yesterday  OMG!!  She is so amazing and I learned so much about myself!!!  Inspiration, empowerment and validation is what I received when I worked with Ellena Leiberman. She gave me the simple truths in the Akashic reading that has literally moved me to a new dimension within myself"....Stacy Steinberg, Divine Master Healer, Chicago, www.simpletruthwater.com 

"Thank you so much for introducing me to Ellena Lynn Lieberman.  I had my reading last week and I'm still processing how amazing, expanding and exciting it was. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"  GREAT BIG HUGS.,, Laura L. Brown, Business Coaching for Women, www.LotusLifeWork.com

"I have known Ellena Lieberman for over 20 years and during that time have been inspired by her consistency in believing in me through her reading of my akashic records and my abilities.  It is truly as though God has spoken through her all these years to encourage me to be the very best that I can be...and, guess what, her encouragement is manifesting in my life in ways that I could never have predicted.  I AM now fulfilling my dreams...I AM a Recording Artist with my first album featuring all brand new songs that I have written.  People love it and I AM profoundly grateful to Ellena for her love, support and encouragement."

Barbara June Thomas
Recording Artist and Producer of cd "King of Hearts"

"Ellena has been part of my spiritual journey since I went to the Other Side in April, 1995.  Her expertise helped me to find my way through confusing and difficult times as I was learning about the Spiritual World that exists around us.  She is a blessing!"   
...Diane Willis, founder and facilitator of Chicago IANDS

"I cannot imagine what my life would be like without the support of your insights and guidance.  Over the years, the healing you have helped me find through the Records is a miracle.  With deepest gratitude and admiration for you and the beautiful work you do."
...Laura Weiman, California

"What a powerful book!  Working the forgiveness prayer the past few days has made a tremendous difference in my interactions with everyone and has given me the encouragement and support to surrender.  That's a big challenge for me and that's why you showed up"...J. M, owner of "The Healthy Self" bookstore

"I first had an Akashic Record consultation with Ellena almost 20 years ago.  The work with Ellena changed my life.  Ellena’s vision is profound and relevant. Her work is presented with a nurturing compassion, which is very rare.  She is clear, concise, specific and completely nonjudgmental.  Through many challenging times in my life, my fear was lifted and she brought forth peace and clarity.  Her consultation sheds light, purpose and direction to life's challenges and opportunities.  Her insights were extremely helpful in my business, bringing forth a much more effective use of my time and resources with lucidity and context to business goals and relationships.  Ellena offers a multifaceted support system to help overcome the challenges in one’s life to create meaningful change.  I consider knowing and working with Ellena, as one of the greatest blessings in my life.  I would strongly recommend her work to anyone seeking to create success in any aspect of their life."... BJM, Business Consultant, Chicago

"I thank you and love you so much for all you have been there for me – My Spiritual Director and Lover of the Divine.
You have facilitated my spiritual growth, development and evolution to be an empowered balanced woman and wife, a minister for God, and a Divine Instrument in answering my 'Calling' as an Akashic Record Consultants International Akashic Record Consultant and Teacher/Facilitator. 
You cultivate, live, model and share your Blessed sacred moment by moment Divine Essence in all that you do always.  This gave me permission, allowed and opened up a reawakening and remembrance to become one with Thy Spirit of Love." ...
L. A. S., Tennessee

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have met you, so incredibly blessed.  My soul is overcome with gratitude, my heart with uncommon joy…Hope and Purpose are now imbued with the Holy Spirit.”L. B.,Chicago

 “Many wonderful feelings are emerging since we spoke although they are difficult to put into words right now-I am so grateful for your gifts.  Thank you from my whole heart.”…
J. G.,Louisiana

“Ellena teaches and works with integrity and sensitivity.  She is vigilant and steadfast in her approach, yet freely and creatively allows the class to reach its natural energetic level ...  When she sees fragmentation in the energy, she works to re-establish grounding and connection to the higher vibrations”…C. S., Evanston, IL

Testimonials about Ellena's Akashic Record's Consulting Practice, Book, and Teaching