Learn to access the Akashic Records of the Soul
What are the Akashic Records?
Describe the Level I, II, III Classes.  
The Akashic Record is known as the recording of all existence in a subtle landscape of "essence."  "Akasha" is Sanskrit for "primary substance," that out of which all things are formed.  Even an ether anywhere in the cosmos registers an indelible impression in it.  The Akashic Record of the soul is referred to in ancient spiritual teachings and known as "The Book of Life." The Akashic Record of the soul is an extremely refined energy field registering every nuance, thought, word, deed, and feeling on every level of the individual, as well as the possibility of unfoldment in the future.

More recently, the scientific research about the Akashic Field such as the findings of physicist Ervin Laszlo, suggest that it is the unified field of all there is.  It is an underlying vibrational universe that records and creates at the same time.  In other scientific research it has been discovered that the Akashic Field is accessed through certain combinations of brainwave patterns that create a reality of great empathy and oneness.

By using the Sacred Prayer Method that vibrationally connects to this keenly sensitive level, Ellena accesses and holds the connection to The Akashic Records.  From this profound vantage point, she assists and teaches others to receive in depth information about life, relationships and inner development and growth, as well as actualizing a meaningful life. This level is illumined with light, compassion, and wisdom.

Level I   Learn to Read Your Own Akashic Records
Using the Sacred Prayer Method, experience and hold the connection to The Akashic Records.  Through questions, specific focus is revealed in the vast Akashic Record of Your Soul.  Experience the power of journalling your answers as you deepen into the heartfelt knowledge. 
Level II   Opening The Akashic Record of Others
Feel the sacredness of moving into The Akashic Record of others as you explore their inner development and direction through their questions, opening to your life wisdom while reaching the hearts of others.
Level III  Class
Move into underlying patterns, life direction and questions of the aspirant about past lives, ancestors and inner layers with this richly detailed class.
Level IV   Professional Class
Immerse yourself even deeper into profound understanding of the sacred heart, as you delve with those who consider working in The Akashic Records as a life path.
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